Restrooms and Floors


Deep Impact 5LDeep Impact is an industrial-strength cleaning product for restrooms that is both powerful and eco-friendly. It is a superior cleaning solution containing potent and beneficial micro-organisms that eliminate grease, grime and dirt. Deep Impact offers an added benefit in that it controls and neutralizes toxins and eradicates the source of odours rather than concealing them with fragrant products.

Deep Impact is specially formulated to tackle all surfaces in restrooms, including counters, sinks, taps, baths and showers, saniware, urinals, toilet bowls and even bathroom floors. This revolutionary new product is applicable to restrooms in public spaces like hotels, shopping centres, restaurants, offices and commercial buildings such as factories.

And why is it so effective? The probiotics in Deep Impact work in the opposite manner to anti-bacterial products frequently used in cleaning. While anti-bacterial cleaning products attempt to kill bad bacteria, probiotics use beneficial microorganisms to replenish good bacteria and in so doing control the bad bacteria through the principle of competitive exclusion. Deep Impact’s extremely effective formula thus provides an advanced and safe alternative to the many mass-produced and harmful chemicals used in the South African hospitality industry and other businesses.

Deep Impact is easy and convenient to use: dilute in a spray bottle as instructed, and experience its soothing and unassuming natural aromas, derived from herbal extracts. Deep Impact can also be used to control urinal odours by pouring the excess dilution down the urinal – meaning no waste, and also no odours from waste! Yet another advantage typical of Probio…

Driven by a passion for the environment and advocating ecological accountability for all, Probio’s superior cleaning products combine the power of beneficial micro-organisms with the technological advances of applied science. Like all of Probio’s chemical alternatives, Deep Impact does not harm humans, animals and plants.