Probio’s best-selling home product gets a brand new look!

Probio, a South African producer of probiotic-based alternatives to chemicals, has launched new packaging for Probio Drain Clean. The fresh packaging now includes Probio’s new emblem denoting 12 strains of live and active beneficial bacteria, and identifying Probio Drain Clean’s unique consortia of beneficial bacteria.


Drain Clean is an effective all-natural drain cleaner that is used for the treatment of blocked and smelly drains. Unlike its chemical-based counterparts, Drain Clean contains powerful microbes and their metabolites that break down scum and grease build-up and neutralise bad drain smells. Drain Clean is made with probiotic bacteria, which provide added health benefits for both the immediate and surrounding environment.

Chemical-based drain cleaning products can be strongly corrosive for pipes and bathroom ceramics as well as human skin – in almost all cases, these products are so harmful that they require gloves and goggles to be worn.  In fact, these products are among the most hazardous household products available to the public.

Drain Clean on the other hand, like all Probio products, contains no hazardous ingredients and is in no way harmful to humans and the environment. It is a sustainable choice that is both safe and smart.

Drain Clean is effective for both the household and its surrounding macro environment. In the household, the beneficial microbes in Drain Clean help sustain clean and clear drains when used regularly. They work by populating the contaminated area with beneficial bacteria and in the process, treat the source of foul drain odours. In the macro environment, Drain Clean’s environmental safety and biodegradable attributes contribute to wastewater treatment and in turn create a clean and healthy environment.

Drain Clean can be used as often as needed and is more effective when left overnight to allow the live and active probiotic bacteria to populate the drain. It is suitable for sinks and basins in kitchens and bathrooms as well as for outside drains. Not only does it look after your pipes, your drains and the greater environment – it is also the kindest, wisest choice for you and your family!