Probio Compost Activator


Let the leaves fall, and your compost heap rise!


As the cold weather sets in, you might be concerned about the upkeep of your garden. Do not worry, autumn is actually a great time for composting – an essential process for maintaining healthy soil – add Probio Compost Activator, and your garden will be boasting green grasses and beautiful bulbs!

Composting is a natural process of recycling decomposed organic material such as leaves, gardening clippings, animal manures and food scraps into rich soil known as compost or “black gold” – the name says it all; rich, dark goodness from the earth. With all the dried leaves falling, autumn is a perfect time to collect carbon-rich materials that are beneficial for composting and may be difficult to gather during the winter and warmer seasons.

A balanced carbon to nitrogen ratio in compost influences the rate of decomposition of organic matter. Carbon rich materials also known as “brown” materials are dried leaves, branches, wood chips, straw and manure, whereas the nitrogen rich materials are fresh and green such as grass cuttings and kitchen scraps. After having gathered your browns and greens (try to keep a ratio of four parts brown to one part green), it is time to activate the composting process…

Probio Compost Activator, a local product on the market, serves as a cost-effective way of producing high quality compost that is balanced in chemical elements. Probio Compost Activator is all-natural and contains large amounts of powerful, living microbes or “good bacteria” that activate the composting process and help soil to retain key nutrients. Fruits of the soil will therefore be of a high nutritional value, and nutrient rich plants are generally full and vibrant in colour, making your veggie patch bright and beautiful!

The organisms that assist in the breakdown of organic matter require moisture and oxygen to survive. The ideal moisture content for a compost pile is 40 to 60 percent by weight, which means that compost should be as damp as a wrung-out sponge. A good way to test if your compost has the correct moisture content is to squeeze a handful of the compost between both hands; If one or two drops of water can be wrung from it then you are on the right track. Pore spaces in a compost pile provide essential oxygen for organisms and allow for the escape of carbon dioxide, which is a by-product of their decomposing efforts. Thus your compost pile should not be compacted or waterlogged. Follow the easy steps below when using Probio Compost Activator to help to ensure that enough water and oxygen are included in the composting process.

How to use the compost activator:


  1. Apply 50ml (10 caps) per 5-litre chlorine-free water (ideally, place regular water in a bucket and let it stand for 24 hours to allow the chlorine to evaporate) to be used in the composting process.
  2. Wet raw materials with this mixture until the water runs. Ensure adequate coverage of all materials with the Compost activator by turning the pile with a garden fork.
  3. Cover compost with a compost container or with a UV-resistant waterproof plastic or PVC sheet to maintain the correct water balance in the heap.
  4. Turn the material with a garden fork every two weeks and re-apply your Compost Activator and water mixture as much as needed to maintain correct moisture content.


Compost is ready to use in approximately six weeks using these four easy steps. You’ll be able to tell it is ready when it is covered in fine strands of white fungi and emit an earthy, sweet scent.


Maintaining a good composting system is essential to your garden’s health, so in order to maintain a top quality supply of compost throughout the year it is critical to use a compost activator together with your mix of carbon (browns) and nitrogen-rich materials (greens). This will ensure optimum conditions for composting, and give you the “black gold” necessary for a garden worthy of envy.

Probio Compost Activator is free from chemicals and does not contain harmful ingredients and is therefore safe for humans, animals, fish and plants, making it a smart and sustainable choice!

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