How To Use Your Bokashi Composter


Bokashi_Composter_Kit_large newIs it actually possible to reduce our waste we send to landfills week on week? Of course! This lady reduced her waste to landfills to one jar full in two years…

Composting is easier than you think and has many benefits!

Did you know that food waste gives off Methane gas which is up to 10x more contributing to global warming than carbon dioxide?

What is Bokashi?

Bokash Deep etched

Bokashi is a Japanese term meaning “fermented organic matter”. It is often mistaken for composting but actually its an anaerobic process through fermentation. This process results in a different end product than usually produced by traditional composting.

This process is preferred as it takes very little space, produces great results, its easy and has no odours. All you will need is a Bokashi Bin, Bokashi fermented bran and organic waste.

Why Bokashi?

Organic waste makes up a considerable amount of the total waste that goes to landfills, which is approximately between 20%-40%. This takes up unnecessary space in landfills, produces bad smells, increases pathogen risk, speed up climate change and these can all simply be avoided by Bokashi composting. The bokashi turns the “waste” into rich organic fertiliser and recycles valuable nutrients, which would have gone to waste.


Bokashi quickens the composting process and leaves us with a an effortless, valuable organic rich material.


  • Simple and easy process
  • Made and adapted for Small and large scale (Home and Restaurant suitable use).
  • Does not produce bad odours due tot he anaerobic process.
  • Produces a fantastic organic “slow release fertilizer” that is valuable to soil and garden.
  • Great to add to the conventional composting and vermicomposting system (Producing quality, efficient system and speed).
  • It manages your meat, dairy, egg shells and bones unlike other systems.
  • Soil rejuvanating


  • People unfamiliar to the name and process might think you are swearing!!!


1kg of Bokashi will treat 3-4 composters. An average household fills approximately 2 composters a month. It is used in conjunction with the Bokashi composter and conveniently composts all your food waste indoors.

Probio bokashi is a safe non-toxic compost starter. Bokashi can also be used to rejuvenate the soil in your garden and control unwanted foul odours in and around the house.


The Bokashi Composter System


The Probio Bokashi Composter works in conjunction with Probio Bokashi in breaking down your food waste anaerobically which is without the presence of oxygen and in a sealed system. There are no smells, mess or hassle. It is quick, easy and simple.

The Bokashi Composter system generates nutrient rich Bokashi tea which can be used in many applications.  This system ensures a faster composting process and quality compost without the loss of important nutrients through oxidation.

Improve your soil quality by adding Bokashi food waste compost to your soil today.


What can i recycle or compost?

Composter Allows








3 steps


Add all your food waste to the first indoor composter and sprinkle it with a generous handful of Bokashi.Keep the indoor composter in your kitchen and make sure the lid is properly closed.Regularly drain off the nutrient rich tea.Dilute tea in water at 1:100 and water plants or use neat to keep drains clean.





Once full, store in a convenient place indoors out of direct sunlight and start using second indoor composter. Regularly drain off nutrient rich tea. Dilute tea in water 1:100 and water plants or use neat to keep drains clean.





Once the second indoor composter is full, empty the first indoor composter and follow the handy bokashi Instructions and Tips. Clean the first indoor composter with water and Probio odour spray+ and repeat the process from step 1.