Grey Water treatment

We are getting more and more questions about using our Probio range of products to treat grey water. To clarify its important to understand that in order to treat grey water and any waste water anaerobically you need to support the right microbial growth in the grey water. The microbes that stop the bad smells are photosynthetic microbes and in order for these to flourish in the grey water treatment tanks you need to do these things.

1. Stop using chemical detergents for cleaning. Especially Chlorine and Ammonia based cleaners. Cleaners with large amounts of surfactants (dish washing soap) in them are also a problem. Try using environmentally friendly cleaning products such as the ones Probio supply.

2. Feed the photosynthetic microbes with Probio Grey Water Clean weekly (product details below). Probio Grey Water Clean is a source of food and other beneficial microbes and metabolites which stimulate the growth of the photosynthetic microbes. Apply 1L Grey Water Clean per week.

4. Ideally the grey water tank should be in direct sunlight above ground and a tank which allows sunlight through(natural plastic). Don’t worry about algae as the photosynthetic bacteria will prevent algae growth. If you already have a collection tank and it is not transparent and above ground then don’t worry it will still work, but not as well.

5. Never pump out collection tank completely, always leave at least 20 cm of grey water. This helps to keep the cultures going in the collection tank.