Enhance the environment of your pond with Probio Pond Clean

Prowell’s Pond Clean is an all-natural, probiotic pond cleaner containing large amounts of powerful, living, beneficial microbes. The actions of these microbes, and the secondary metabolites that they produce, help to neutralise toxic substances and control the population of algae in the pond environment. Pond Clean shapes the pond environment to provide benefits to both fish and flora, while reducing the growth of unwanted organisms.

Decomposing organic matter releases nitrogen into the water, usually in the form of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, which can be toxic to fish if the levels are too high. This degradation can also lead to the production of phosphate, contributing to the growth of algae. These algae can in turn overrun the pond ecosystem, leading to a drop in oxygen levels and causing a general decrease in pond health.

In addition to generating nitrogenous waste, the decomposition of organic material may cause changes in the pH of the pond environment. Pond Clean alters the breakdown of this material and buffers the pH to a level close to neutral.

Derek Eyden, a satisfied Pond Clean user had this to say: “Pond Clean is a great sustainable fix for the pond. I have been using it for a while now and it keeps the pond clean and clear. The best part about Pond Clean is that it’s safe to use around animals.”

Pond Clean works by competitive exclusion. It creates a clean, healthy environment by populating the area with beneficial microorganisms so that they dominate and out-compete the toxic, disease-causing organisms.

The Purple Non-Sulphur Bacteria (PNSB) in Pond Clean break down organic matter without consuming oxygen and without the production of foul odours. By doing this, Pond Clean conditions the water and thereby prevents the growth of algae and pathogens. It reduces nitrates, phosphates and sludge build-up, helping to achieve a healthy microbial balance in a pond – rapidly clearing green water.

Various metabolites such as lactic acid, produced by the lactic acid bacteria found in Pond Clean, are powerfully anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral, but they do not kill the probiotics contained within the product.

Desiree Simonis who recently started using Pond Clean said: “I’m very pleased to say that the Pond Clean worked brilliantly! The water cleared up within a week and it seems to stay fairly clear.”

Pond Clean can be used at least once a month and is suitable for static ponds as well as ponds powered by a water pump. Pond Clean does not contain any hazardous ingredients, including chemicals, and thus is not harmful to humans, animals, fish or plants, making it a smart and sustainable choice!