Probio is a South African product developer and producer of non-toxic, fully bio degradable and sustainable probiotic based chemical alternatives.

These products have been designed as a direct replacement to many manmade toxic chemicals currently being used in homes, commercial businesses and agriculture operations within Southern Africa. Probio aims to encourage environmental awareness and responsibility across the country and beyond by delivering products that are dynamic, highly effective and safe to use.

Who We Are


The Managing Director of PROBIO Rupert van der Merwe, a soil scientist and consultant in organic agriculture, has been working with consortia probiotic technology for 18 years. After experimenting with consortia probiotic technology for a number of years on his own farm outside Stellenbosch, Rupert founded PROBIO in 2010. He built a production facility on his farm to develop Probios’ range of Advanced Probiotic Technology products.

Since founding the company, Rupert van der Merwe has been joined by an old school friend, Alastair Burns, a qualified chartered accountant, with over 10 years of experience as a Financial Director of numerous international and local companies.

The team at PROBIO now consists of eighteen full-time employees.